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Presentaties op nationale en internationale bijeenkomsten

  1. Correlation between intramuscular course predicted by CTA, and intraoperative findings at the RBSPS Autumn 2015 meeting

  2. Lumbar Artery Perforator (LAP) free flap: Anatomical study and clinical experience in breast reconstruction in May 2015 in Edinburgh, at the 2015 EURAPS and in June 2015 in Bruges at the 2015 Summer RBSPS-BAPRAS

  3. Permanent filler injection to treat HIV associated lipodystrophy: complications after injection and removal at the 2013 Autumn Meeting of the RBSPS

  4. Evaluation of the donor site morbidity after harvesting of Transverse Myocutaneous Gracilis (TMG) flap for breast reconstruction at the American Society of Plastic Surgery meeting in San Diego, USA, in October 2013

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